Baby Blessing

The arrival of a new human being is an incredibly exciting event, and many families want to do something special for their babies. Our Baby Blessing ceremonies are a fantastic opportunity for everyone to gather around the new arrival and deliberately invest wishes, thoughts, and prayers in the little one’s future. This ceremony can stand on its own or be a lovely addition to a traditional proceeding, like baptism. Interfaith Rev. Deborah Ann Montana considers it an honor to customize the service to your unique needs and give your entire family a ceremony unlike any other.

By including a font, oils, blessed water, and a Certificate of Blessing, we have created a customizable Baby Blessing event for you, your baby, and your loved ones. The event can be boisterous and joyful or serene and small. We’ve seen godparents read poems, grandparents gift special family heirlooms, and parents write their own parental vows. The sky’s the limit! This is an incredible opportunity to accept and define your family’s culture. It’s also the perfect time to take pictures and reinforce for your child that he/she is fully loved and supported. We would be honored to join and deepen this event’s meaningfulness for you and your family.

Rev. Deborah has an abiding passion life’s most special moments. Her calm, loving presence and extensive experience with ceremonial gatherings make her an invaluable resource. No matter your background or the combination of faiths/practices your family brings to the table, a unified, beautiful Baby Blessing is possible. Make your Baby Blessing event all it can be with her guidance and support. Baby blessing packages start at just $80! Learn more today.

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