Celebration Of Life

When you lose a loved one, it’s important to handle your grief in a way uniquely suited to you. For a long time, traditional funerals have served this purpose. However, your remembrance ceremony can be so much more. A Celebration of Life ceremony is a relaxed, customized time of laughter and storytelling in which you, your family, and your friends can focus on the joy the deceased invested into each of your lives. After all, memories are the most important legacy any of us can leave behind.

A Celebration of Life ceremony can be held in lieu of a traditional funeral service or added on to enrich the experience. You can even have a traditional funeral and a separate Celebration of Life — it’s all about what you need. During a Celebration, instead of focusing on the death of your loved one, we draw attention to the joy and love that your loved one brought you. It’s a chance to remember all the crazy situations that grow funnier with time, acknowledge your loved one’s fortitude in hard times, and focus on how lucky you were to share life with them. You may cry, but you’ll also laugh, and under the gentle guidance of Rev. Deborah Ann Montana, you will feel like you’ve done justice to your loved one’s legacy.

The ceremonies we choose upon a loved one’s death play an important role in our mourning process, but they can also define the way we remember our loved one in the years to come. A Celebration of Life ceremony reinforces everything valuable, good, and joyous about your loved one, giving you, your family, and your friends the gift of a smile when you think about them. Learn more about this fully customizable ceremony today. Our packages start at only $200.

Love Is Worth Celebrating